Steady under foot

Written by: Kathy Brodie
Tuesday, October 2, 2018

When we talk about fine motor skills and coordination, it is often only hand-eye coordination that we consider. However, foot-eye coordination is just as important, says Kathy Brodie.

Steady under foot
Steady under foot


Obviously there are many games where foot-eye coordination is important, such as football, but it is equally important for children to be able to negotiate the space around them.

It is likely that children in your setting are going to have a wide range of experiences with foot-eye coordination, because of things as simple as whether they have stairs at home or whether they are allowed to climb trees. Therefore, it is vital to have a full range of differentiated, suitable resources to meet the needs of all the children.

Initially children need to know where their feet are, using simple sensory feedback. This is more difficult if they have footwear on all the time, so going barefoot gives the best sensory feedback. Providing resources such as different sensory mats for walking on ( can enhance this, or walking outdoors on different natural materials, such as grass, sand or mud.

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