At full tilt

Written by: Jenni Clarke
Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Challenging play is all about opportunities for extending physical limits and experiencing excitement – along with a little fear and uncertainty. From this children ultimately gain self-esteem and resiliance.



  • Time and access to an outdoor area
  • Different surfaces – sandy, muddy, soil, paving, tarmac, long grass, short grass, wood chippings, gravel
  • Slopes – both grassy and muddy

Challenging activities include: Running – a risk of falling, tripping, crashing and bumping. The benefits are strength, balance, social interaction, spatial awareness and satisfaction.

Rolling sideways – a risk of bruising, crashing, dizziness. The benefits are an awareness of core body strength, co-ordination, control, spatial understanding and fun.

Sliding – a risk of bumping, falling, grazes and bruises. The benefits are balance, co-ordination, learning limits and achievement

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