Stay energised as the clocks go back

Written by: Karen Faux
26 October 2018

The shift in seasons can be known as ‘winter gloom’ and there are links between the sudden onset of darker nights and a drop in productivity levels in the workplace. Find out how nursery managers and their teams can combat this.

Staff at Old Station Nursery in Henley-on-Thames prioritise on being active with children outdoors
Staff at Old Station Nursery in Henley-on-Thames prioritise on being active with children outdoors

With the clocks set to change on 28 October it is important to recognise the effect this shift in seasons has on our own mental health and those of our colleagues.

The shortening of daylight hours and lack of exposure to sunlight during the winter months can make many people feel down and less about to cope. Not only does the immune system take a hit between September and April, making us more vulnerable to infections and illness, but research suggests there is also a rise in depression and mental health related problems.

At Westfield Health, a not-for-profit health and wellbeing provider, Mark Pinches, head of coaching, says: ‘If productivity levels are low following the change of clocks, don’t feel bad about saying no or asking for help. Taking on too much at work can make you feel stressed and run down, so it is better to have a smaller workload and complete tasks efficiently than to over stretch yourself. To help order your thoughts and stay productive, break down larger tasks into smaller ones and prioritise their importance.’

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