Reading Planet helps schools to get more books from their budgets

Written by: Karen Faux
8 November 2018

Find out about the latest offer from a reading scheme that provides a range of fiction and non-fiction books which celebrate diversity and gender equality.

The Reading Planet programme is currently match funding any book order placed pound for pound. For example, if a school chooses £50 worth of books, it will match fund £50 worth of books which means the school will receive £100 worth of books at half the cost.

More than 400 titles are included in books for reception and key stage 1 and Reading Planet says that hundreds of schools are now using the scheme as a launchpad for literacy, inclusion and PSED. 

At Penn Wood School in Luton, EYFS coordinator Polly Alford says: ‘This funding initiative is a brilliant way to ensure schools like mine can access a cost-effective way of delivering reading education to their students.

‘As a reception class teacher, it’s really key for me to embed the right reading etiquette to set the children up for the rest of the school year. The Rising Stars Reading Planet series is a fantastic route to ensuring this happens.

‘The books are very well matched against the curriculum and as their teacher, I’m really pleased to see the books expose the children to diverse topics, and link with other books and subjects we’re already teaching them about.”

The offer ends on the 31st December 2018 and applies to UK schools only.

Find out more about the scheme here

Providing a well stocked book corner with a range of books which reflect different cultures, gender and disabilities is key to inclusive practice. As practice and thinking have evolved, the emphasis is now on characters proactively being part of the story plot, rather than being the focus of the narrative. Dip into the following articles which examine this further:

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