Re-discover the soothing power of the lullaby

Lullabies not only support language development and later reading skills by encouraging children to listen carefully and anticipate, but also promote movement and coordination when used with accompanying actions.

Last year LEYF (pictured) won a Healthy Early Years London Gold award for its outstanding achievements in child wellbeing

Support your children to be healthy ‘Inside and out’

Children’s Mental Health Week, from 4 – 10 February, shines a spotlight on the vital role that early years practitioners play in ensuring children are supported to achieve wellbeing from the earliest possible age. Mental health charity Place2Be, is encouraging all practitioners, teachers, health professionals and parents to focus on mental health and share experiences and good practice.

Support children to make positive changes

Practitioners need to work with children to understand the reasons and factors behind their challenging behaviour and to help them fit into their social group without losing their individuality.

Does being 'cute' give children an advantage?

What makes children ‘cute’ and how do our perceptions influence our practice? It is important to reflect on this and ensure that each child we work with receives the same amount of attention, warmth and support.

'Parents and carers love to see their little ones raising money to help others,' says Comic Relief's Laura Wilson.

Embrace creative fundraising

Taking part in fundraising events creates happy memories for children and tells them that they can play a part in changing the world. There are also lots of ways to link events to learning in the EYFS.

Children enjoy being active outdoors at the Old Station Nursery

Get ready for a fresh start in January

It may come as a shock having to match your energy levels to the children’s when they arrive back after the Christmas break – so lay plans to get them outside and letting off steam, while supporting their learning and physical development.

Celebrate the dark

While adults may complain about the lack of daylight hours and the long, dark nights, for children darkness is mysterious and exciting. Build on their fascination by making it a theme for learning.

Wrap up!

'There's no such thing as bad weather – just inappropriate clothing,' as the saying goes. Use children’s colourful winter clothing as a link to many areas of learning.

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