Expressive arts and design

Cross curricular: Wrap up!

'There's no such thing as bad weather – just inappropriate clothing,' as the saying goes. Use children’s colourful winter clothing as a link to many areas of learning.

Music: Get ready for National Early Years Music Week

More than 12,000 children are already signed up to join in with this inaugural event that will take place from Monday 28 January to Friday 1 February 2019. Nurseries and parents will be sharing the buzz around a host of exciting music activities.

Expressive arts and design: Flights of fancy

Karen Hart suggests ways to turn old carboard boxes and paper and card into simple models and artworks which will encourage children to explore ideas to do with flight and weightlessness, developing vocabulary along the way.

Grab a pumpkin and have fun on Halloween!

Discover how this spooky celebration can provide an exciting springboard for children's creative activities, including artworks, story-telling, role-play and lots of fun with friends.

Autumn leaves – try these five creative activities!

Autumn leaves are a key sign of the changing seasons and make a colourful, accessible and versatile resource for play and exploration. The beauty of them is that at this time of the year they are available in abundance – and completely free.

Up in the clouds

What could be more educational than sitting outdoors on a sunny day and looking up at the clouds? Karen Hart suggests creative activities that encourage children to engage imaginatively with the world.

Red, white and blue...

Ailsa Chapman reflects on a month that saw her class celebrating the Royal Wedding in a way that encompassed many learning areas. Her next challenge is to complete 52 end-of-term reports.

Ready for lift off!

Karen Hart continues her exploration of wings and flight with some creative activities, using natural resources, that will help children to begin to understand the laws of aerodynamics.

Impressions of sunflowers

Kim Benham, senior manager at outstanding nursery Sparkles, in Croydon, begins her new monthly column recommending resources and creative themes.

Impetus for learning

If you are a potential entrepreneur with an idea for an early years educational technology product or service we want to hear from you, says Rose Luckin, director of innovation project, EDUCATE.

Whatever the weather we play

There is one thing you can predict about a British summer, it is completely unpredictable! But as we know, with the right assortment of clothes, we go outside come rain or shine.

Which face will you wear today?

Halloween is fast approaching, but children can enjoy masks at any time of year. We suggest spooky and non-spooky options to fuel their imaginations as autumn approaches.

It’s fantastic weather for a party

As we move into June our planning will take advantage of warmer days and opportunities this affords for being outside more. A teddy bear’s picnic can involve children of all ages.

Pre-school diary: Come into my parlour

Ailsa Chapman reflects on how the warm weather has had a positive impact on learning, providing inspiration for creative activities such as making ice cream parlours using tuff trays.

Impressions of sunflowers

Children’s artistic ability never ceases to amaze me. Add a bit of nature and watch to see where children take it. The provocation here is a beautiful miniature sunflower perfectly blooming in a pot.

Lines in the sand

Now is a fantastic time for children to create artwork inspired by the seaside. Judith Harries suggests resources and ideas that will set children on an imaginative quest to model their favourite seaside objects.

Dingle dangle scarecrow

How do you keep birds and other predators away from crops? Humans have been trying different methods since the dawn of farming, but one particular method has become popular the world over.

Tuff trays and provocations

In the first of a new series, we introduce the wonderful versatility of tuff trays, and explore ways of instantly turning these hard wearing cement mixers into imaginative and provocative play resources.

Play, come rain or shine

We resume our series of articles that look at the possibilities for play and learning inherent in certain popular and common early years resources and materials – this month, the weather.

Beginning to see the light

The fifth in our series exploring practical activities for introducing concepts that will help children in the Understanding the world area of learning – this month, we look at the science of sunlight and shadows.

Sing when you are winging

Jenni Clarke explores ways to keep things simple in the early years. Our article looks at the everyday resources and materials you can use to stimulate complex play – this month, we explore feathers.

Master strokes

Jenni Clarke shares ideas for experimenting with watercolours on ready-made canvas blocks and other surfaces. Ask open-ended questions to stimulate thought and make this an unhurried project.

Nailing it...

In her final woodwork article, Karen Hart focuses on encouraging children to work with wood in a way which lets their imaginations run freely, while developing important practical skills to fulfil their ideas.

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